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SSGF new construction technology

Release time:2017-6-16     Read:101

     SSGF new construction technology is a new construction technology Biguiyuan group implementation of the "SSGF" include self-healing waterproof, climbing frame, aluminum mold, cast-in-place wall, high precision walls, prefabricated wall panels, floor construction, water saving system, with water cannons napping, PVC wallpaper, whole bathroom, PC prefabricated wall panel the 12 core technology, can shorten the duration of 6-8 months.


In 1, after the advance of prefabricated wallboard precision design, the factory prefabricated completed, can be directly transported to the construction site, supplemented by dry mix mortar, seismic pad, wedges, mesh and other auxiliary, can achieve convenient installation, a molding.
2, the aluminum mold structure and gap technology to achieve the whole system of cast-in-place concrete wall on the outside of the building windows and doors, waterproof, water groove line, air conditioning board, balcony, anti Kan facade lines are optimized, the main structure of one-time-concreting shaping, from two external structure and internal external plastering, structure waterproof wall, window, reduce leakage and other quality problems.
3, the assembled PC component will transfer to the traditional concrete site casting factory prefabricated, modular building components, factory production, to improve product quality and specifications at the same time, greatly reduce the operation difficulty and the waste of resources, saving a lot of manpower and materials, to achieve the construction safety, functionality, such as a full range of transformation and upgrading.
4. The structure drawing joint is made of PVC material, the water separation, the flat seam and the vertical joint. The shapes of the two materials are different, and the length is cut by the factory according to the construction plan. Before installation, the construction drawing shall be carefully checked, the drawing shall not be leaked and the horizontal pulling seam shall not be reversed, and the quality of the installation of the joint materials must be checked and accepted before the die drawing.
5, aluminum template, also known as Aluminum Alloy template is Aluminum Alloy production building templates, compared with the traditional wood construction technology, aluminum mold solves the problems of the traditional template, can greatly improve the construction efficiency. Aluminum template design, research and development and construction applications, is a major progress in building technology.
6, intelligent climbing frame is also called the adhesive lifting scaffolding, refers to the erection of a certain height and attached to the engineering structure, rely on lifting equipment and its installation, with the engineering structure layer of climb or descent, with anti overturning and anti dropping device of the scaffold; adhesive lifting scaffolding is mainly composed of adhesive lifting scaffolding attachment the structure, bearing, anti tilt device, anti dropping device, lifting mechanism and a control device