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Advantage chapter

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       Housing industrialization is the use of modern industrial means and modern industrial organization, integration of production factors in various stages of construction production through technical means and integrated system, achieve the construction of standardization, component production factory, construction parts series, construction site assembly. In this way, we are also collectively referred to as fabricated buildings.

       The precast concrete component has less field assembled formwork, less wet work, less work procedure, less work load and less construction waste, and the large-scale hoisting equipment is also used to improve the efficiency. Compared with the traditional construction methods, the assembly type building realizes "five sections and one environment protection", namely, water saving, energy saving, festival time, material saving and festival land, so that the utilization of resources is changed from extensive to intensive.
The deepening of industrialized building design requirements for the design of more sophisticated, more reasonable to consider early, to avoid the change of the design and construction phase; PC component in the factory production, can achieve high quality and high efficiency; thermal insulation board precast sandwich wall panel sandwiched between two layers of concrete slab, and effective fire separation can be achieved between each wallboard, the fire-proof grade A, avoid a large area of fire hazards. The insulation layer and good insulation effect and good durability, exterior wall is concrete structure, waterproof effect is good; assembling building pipelines in the factory pre buried in place, on-site without after slotting, product finished house; prefabricated wall panel hole reserved size has been completed in the factory, completely controllable size deviation. Interior door reserved brick, concrete block in the factory is also complete, accurate positioning, simple installation, easy installation to ensure the quality of PC component; component prefabricated in factories, transport to the construction site by the large crane hoisting. An operator only needs support plate in place, temporary fixed work, greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers to cancel the operation; inside and outside the paint, the walls are concrete walls, effectively avoid cracking, hollowing, cracks and other quality problems of wall, and good smoothness, can be pre coating or cover layer, or the construction of concrete as decorative art to avoid the surface layer, the construction process of the risk of cross contamination.
So the industrialized building settlement easier, settlement is substantially equal to the budget will not appear almost super phenomenon; the construction speed is very fast, can save time 1/3, developers of financial costs and management costs greatly reduced; the construction of good quality, high precision, reduce the amount of rot, pits, the vibration of concrete is not dense, exterior finishes off, poor fireproof performance no, leakage, sound insulation, heat insulation, precision is not poor quality problems, greatly reduced the cost of repair.


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