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  • SSGF new construction technology ....

    SSGF new construction technology is a new construction technology Biguiyuan group implementation of the "SSGF" include self-healing waterproof, climbing frame, aluminum mold, cast-in-place wall, high precision walls, prefabricated wall

  • Attached climbing frame ....

    Climbing frames, also called lifting frames, are a kind of new scaffolding system developed in recent years. It can climb up or down along buildings. This system makes the change scaffolding Technology: one is without turning over the shelf

  • Aluminum alloy template ....

    Aluminium alloy formwork system for building. It is a new generation of formwork support system. The aluminum formwork system has good practice in improving the overall construction efficiency of the construction industry, saving constructi

  • Steel support ....

    Steel support means that the main and secondary back walls are made of thin section steel and rolled into small size and light weight component reinforcement system.

  • Replacing wood with steel (steel reinforcemen ....

    The shear wall formwork, steel reinforcement support and replace the stereotype as a template wood keel for the primary and secondary Leng, formed a new template reinforcement construction method engineering system.

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