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  • Deep Malay pace steady, full success fro ....

    The Inn Boutique on trial, fisherman's Wharf Street opened as scheduled, the forest volume of P4 in the city zone won the bid of the specified pile foundation engineering, industrial plant project bidding, the volume of Forest C

  • Three to Malaysia, power take-off ....

    From its establishment in 2014 to its rapid growth in 2016, Malaysia branch has been fully engaged for two years in the process of ploughing malaysia. On July 21, 2016 -24, in order to further promote the development and growth of Malaysia

  • Thorough localization exploration, boosting market ....

    Pronto, from the end of 2013 to Malaysia investigation so far, the company settled the Malay three years. From 14 years of quality promotion to 15 years of lowering the efficiency of the year, Malaysia branch with the Golden Bay project sup

  • Ship waves, the strength of cast quality ....

    From May 23, 2017 to May 30th, the overseas forest forest city P4 project and the P26 residential industrialization project received good news.

  • Golden Bay project two "four new"&n ....

    In December 22nd, the general manager of the company Ma Xiaojun general rate of inspection group visited Malaysia branch of Golden Bay project construction site inspection guidance, found that the project uses Aluminum Alloy template and

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